I am a freelance with a technical background based in Manchester, UK. Here you can find information on projects I am involved in, along with articles I have written.

March 2017 roundup

Pulling together to drive digital infrastructure development

The focus of my work at the moment is maximising the potential for infrastructure development by pooling efforts in private and public sector and sharing the outcome - without creating large and complex co-investment structures. With new funding for digital infrastructure announced by the government, this model has new potential.

This work draws on lessons from two projects:


  • The Brighton Digital Exchange is now live - an example of co-operation between digital businesses and service providers to share neutral infrastructure.


  • Ashton Old Baths - a digital hub sited at the centre of a growing shared public service infrastructure with potential to be shared with private sector and to transform digital infrastructure in Tameside.


Digital Exchanges

The unique model that we used to create the Brighton Digital Exchange hs the potential to play a transfromative role in other cities and suburbs. An increasingly important rationale is the inevitable movement of hosting capacity towards the network edge. Presentations are still available from the CBN workshop on digital exchanges we organised in January 2016. Working with Lorne Mitchell and Iain Bennett, we are advocating adoption of the digital exchange concept in other cities.


Customer Union

The Save Our Bank campaign organised the founding meeting of the Customer Union for Ethical Banking - we believe the first such customer union anywhere. By organising as customers - 1500 are already members - we are successfully bringing pressure on The Co-operative Bank to keep to its principles.

Next move: set up a fund to start the process of building a new customer stake.

You can join the customer union here - just £12/year.