Virtual Consumer column in Ethical Consumer magazine

Ethical Consumer magazine is one of the most respected authorities researching and documenting companies and their ethical record. Founded in 1987, long before the current wave of interest in ethical consumerism, the magazine was for years the only reliable source of information for people concerned about the impact of their consumer choices.

I first came to know Ethical Consumer through their pioneering work in the early 1990's to store research information in an on-line database - a project that ultimately led to the current Ethiscore system.

From 2008 to 2014 I wrote a column for the magazine looking at ethical and technology issues mainly concerned with the Internet. This column became known as Virtual Consumer.

At the moment I'm covering the latest developments in the Save Our Bank campaign for the magazine instead.

The full series of Virtual Consumer columns are reproduced here, thanks to Ethical Consumer.


Sep-Oct 2014: Who owns the Internet

Mar-Apr 2014: From top to bottom


Nov-Dec 2013: Life begins at forty

Sep-Oct 2013: Nothing to hide, nothing to fear

Jul-Aug 2013: Second best

May-Jun 2013: Telling tail

Mar-Apr 2013: Smart money

Jan-Feb 2013: Rule breakers


Nov-Dec 2012: Hiding in the open

Sep-Oct 2012: Alan Turing

Jul-Aug 2012: Bubble trouble

May-Jun 2012: Developing trend

Mar-Apr 2012: Net of interest

Jan-Feb 2012: Right in the net


Nov-Dec 2011: Disruptive influence

Sep-Oct 2011: Domains of influence

Jul-Aug 2011: Mutual advantage

May-Jun 2011: Revolution 2.0

Mar-Apr 2011: Writing on the wall

Jan-Feb 2011: Slipping out of Neutral


Nov-Dec 2010: Room at the top

Sep-Oct 2010: Silver lining

Jul-Aug 2010: Joining the dots

May-Jun 2010: Is there an 'e' in ethical?

Mar-Apr 2010: The Levellers

Jan-Feb 2010: Jumping out of Windows


Nov-Dec 2009: Stainless Steal

Sep-Oct 2009: Net benefit

Jul-Aug 2009: Is File Sharing Unethical?

May-Jun 2009: The Makings of a Good Host

Mar-Apr 2009: Storm in a teacup

Jan-Feb 2009: Both sides of the argument


Nov-Dec 2008: Hot Chips

Sep-Oct 2008: Knotty problem

May-Jun 2008: The Internet pound for pound