I am a freelance with a technical background based in Manchester, UK. Here you can find information on projects I am involved in, along with articles I have written.

January 2022 roundup

Cooperative Network Infrastructure

CNI logo

CNI, the neutral host cooperative we set up to share digital infrastructure assets has continued to grow.

The spine network now covers Tameside, parts of Manchester, Blackpool and, most recently, Burgess Hill in Sussex.

Membership has continued to grow, with 40 organisations now in membership, the most recent being  Brighton and Hove City Council. In 2021 we welcomed CityFibre as a new supplier member along with other telecoms operators and ISPs.

The build in Burgess Hill is now complete, and now working on build in Brighton and up to Crawley.

This will mean that CNI members will have access to over 200km of 'spine' fibre to help them reach customers. 

With CBN colleagues I am working with other local authorities elsewhere interested in using a cooperative neutral host and applying the Thin Layer Model.