Save Our Bank

Save Our Bank

A 21st-century campaign to save an institution born in the 19th century

The Save Our Bank campaign was set up in October 2013 when it became clear that the Co-operative Group would be forced to cede control of the Co-operative Bank to private investors.

Digital Exchanges

Focal points for connectivity, innovation and growth

Networks need aggregation points - places where local networks meet the backbone connections to the Internet and the rest of the world. A Digital Exchange is a new aggregation point that can support both the development of new networks and the digital economic activity that will use them. For networks it provides:

TDI: an alternative to 'superfast broadband'

There is a lot of talk in UK national and local government on the need to develop ‘superfast broadband’ – indeed the government has made a commitment for the UK to have the ‘best superfast broadband in Europe by 2015’. There is an assumption that the private sector is developing this in our major cities already and that the state needs to intervene to help in rural areas – the so-called ‘final third’.